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Brazilian Portuguese Podcast
Tourism vocab lesson 1: Essential vocab

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BPP is an online school intended to teach you Portuguese in a simple and fun way, with native speakers with formal education in the language. Brazilian Portuguese Podcast was designed with the following categories of lessons to help your Portuguese:

* Grammar: These lessons are approached in a simple and intuitive way to help you pick up the language with a solid foundation of its structure.

* Pronunciation: In every lesson we'll help you with pronunciation by repeating words and phrases nice and slowly by a native speaker. Also special lessons about pronunciation will help you understand how Brazilian sounds are produced, thus helping you to sound more and more like a Brazilian.

* Vocabulary: You'll learn new vocabulary with detailed information about each word, and sometimes vocabulary differences from different regions around the country.

* Conversation: In this kind of lesson you'll learn useful phrases to be able to hold conversations as well as everyday vocabulary to answer

Hosts: André Barbosa, Marcos Maleval
Dated Posted: 12/20/2013 9:09:32 AM

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